Region Entries Due Saturday, September 19th!


I hope this message finds you well! This is a reminder that this coming Saturday, November 19th is the deadline for Region Entries. The state has asked that we share the following with you in regards to this process:

Please be aware that the entry software is set up to designate 14 days prior to the audition date as the deadline for entries and 7 days prior to the audition date as the final late entry date (with penalties). Also be aware that the entry software is set up to send a letter of reprimand from TMEA to any director who enters students for the first time into auditions after the first deadline 14 days prior to auditions. Be sure to check the contest deadlines on the TMEA audition entry pages.

This makes it imperative that entries be done on time! Please note that we only accept late entries up until Saturday, November 26th at 11:59pm for double the entry fee. AFTER THAT TIME PER REGION RULES THERE SHALL BE NO LATE ENTRIES!

As you complete your entries when you reach the ‘Your Campus List’¬†please check the area at the bottom. Please be sure that all additional directors for your campuses are listed. This means JH Directors should make sure all JH and HS staff members are listed, and HS Directors should be sure all directors from their HS staff and feeders are listed. Completion of this step will enable us to handle judges in our system better and send reminders out automatically as needed. Thank you for helping with this! Note that all staff members of participating schools must be present for the auditions to judge that day.

On Tuesday, November 29th from 6pm-7pm we will meet in Odem at the Odem Band Hall to select the cuts for the region auditions. Those cuts will be scanned and sent out that evening so everyone in the region has the information at as close to the same time as we can. For those interested in attending the meeting please see the e-mail I sent out last week for directions, or feel free to e-mail me for those again.

As you complete the entries please make sure that you create two campuses if you are responsible for entering both JH and HS students. This is important to ensure that results come out labeled for campuses correctly. Please also avoid using CAPSLOCK for entries as it slows down the process of importing entries into the program and out to TMF for shirts/plaques.

With HS Entries if you are a 4A all entries are marked as such. For 3A and 2A schools please note that you will select 3A Except: Oboe, Bassoon, Alto Clarinet, Contra Clarinet, Tenor Sax, Bari Sax, Bass Trombone, Double Bass(String Bass) where you will select 4A for the open track.

Please let Charlie or I know of any additional questions you have in regards to these items. Have a great week and hopefully a restful Thanksgiving Break!